Friday, June 5, 2015

What Is Buddhism, Mr. Knight? (Part I of Q&A Series)

Buddhism is the primordial religion/wisdom tradition of our Creator. It is a Doctrine (called Dharma) that was handed down to us during the Satya Yuga (Age of Truth). It was in that very Age that the Gods physically reigned on Earth. Such was a Golden Age filled with human beings who were Bodies of Light and Souls of Gold (like the Golden Souls of Greek philosophy). That meant that every person was happy, was his brother's keeper, and did his Duty.

The Age of Truth is best symbolized by the Golden Calf who represents the Aryan (=Noble) Wheel of Dharma. That Wheel of Dharma is called the Solar Doctrines for it is our Sun, that majestic star that lights our way, from which all life and energy flows. It is that same Sun which will one day Redeem our glorious civilization so that we may once again join our Gods in a Age of Truth. You may know that beautiful Destiny as Christ's Kingdom Come . . . for that is what it is.

But Lord Buddha also gave such sermons on the Mount [as Jesus did], anticipating the future coming of the Christian Messiah. It was Buddha that Opened the Way so that we could one day be ready for the delicious fruits of Christian civilization which has bestowed so much beauty of art, culture, and learning upon those who would uphold the bold Cross of his Sacrifice [the Death & Becoming of the Christ].

Stick around, dear Seeker on the path . . . for I have much more to tell you about such things.

Are you ready for the mysteries to be revealed to you?

Then take my hand and let me be your guide.

Part II of this will answer some of those gnawing questions that are racing through your mind currently! In Part II we will take a more direct look at just what exactly a Buddhist is, what he/she does, and what he/she believes.

Very Truly Yours,
Guru Alexander L. Knight 


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